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Every year, flooring construction trends are re-evaluated and considered. The ebb and flow of popular installations fill up countless magazines and blogs, but there is often more to a flooring choice than an aesthetic appeal. Beyond the popular options currently heavily used in new construction and remodeling, one must also consider factors influencing the best choice for new floors.

There are virtually endless flooring options for the modern home with color options, textures, and varying textiles. Property owners have an almost overwhelming task of determining what materials suit their home’s theme and desired appearance the best without exceeding their projected budgets. In recent years, trends for flooring have leaned heavily towards:

  • Porcelain Stone  

This option requires little maintenance and upkeep to provide a lasting and colorfast appearance in the installed space. These stone floors can be heated with devices underneath for added luxury.

  • Laminate

Laminates continue to be among the most budget-friendly solutions. Though cheaper, semi-gloss laminates are durable and often water-resistant, making them a good fit for nearly any room of the house during a remodel.

  • Concrete

Finished concrete can have an attractive look for lofts and modern homes. The polished appearance of this material can often be completed in a single day, beginning with pouring the material and modifying its look as the chemical processes begin to harden the mixture.

  • Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo can be among the most complicated tile-like flooring options in existence. The process is often lengthy to install but leaves a finished product unlike anywhere else.

  • Exotic Hardwoods

Hardwoods like Koa and Ebony are attractive, dark, and unique. These resilient woods work in nearly all settings, but you are looking at a higher price per foot than other popular flooring types.

What Factors Influence the Kind of Flooring Material to Install?

Several individual aspects can narrow the best type of flooring materials for your property. Aesthetics are often only part of the consideration you must make in choosing the best surface materials, and other factors can include:

  • Space – The surface area requiring coverage plays a part in the type of flooring selected as well. Certain hard materials might not look as appealing stretched across a large open flooring plan.
  • Type – Only certain types of flooring work in areas of a house. You do not want to install water-sensitive carpeting or porous flooring in a bathroom, much like most people do not want cold, finished concrete for their bedroom floors.
  • Maintenance – The upkeep of the material and its appearance or finish is yet another consideration. Complicated cleaning can deter homeowners from choosing certain flooring.
  • Installation – Most homeowners are not skilled enough or have the time to install new flooring alone.The more challenging the type of floor to install, the more costly and time-consuming this process becomes.
  • Price – Budgetary confinements will also play a role in the flooring options that a homeowner ultimately selects. A tighter budget leaves property owners leaning towards less-costly products like laminates, while looser budget restrictions can include hardwoods and stone. 

Whether the newest trends in flooring for your home or business or the factors that play a role in the best-looking materials for your property, there are several considerations with upgrading the interior of a building. Professional installers can help get these new materials installed quickly when the time comes.

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