The flooring industry is at the cusp of a revolution in 2024, with sustainability leading the charge in decorating trends. With the number of options growing within the market, more designs are embracing eco-friendly materials and incorporating them into modern, practical decors.

Sustainable Choices Remain the Top Choice

Cork is making a triumphant return, offering eco-friendliness, inherent warmth, and sound insulation, perfect for modern living spaces. Designers also lean toward using reclaimed wood, which brings storied character and environmental consciousness into homes. Bamboo is another favored flooring material, growing in popularity due to its swift renewability and durability. In line with this sustainable ethos, FSC-certified woods are becoming a standard for responsible flooring, assuring consumers of environmentally sensitive choices. Aluminum, too, is finding its way beneath our feet, reprocessed into resilient and stylish flooring options.

Smooth or Textured?

In 2024, the flooring market is embracing a variety of textures that not only contribute to the visual appeal of spaces and their functionality. A mixed texture approach is trending, where smooth, matte, glossy, engineered, soft textures like wool carpet flooring create sophisticated and unique designs. Techniques such as sawing, sanding, scraping, and brushing are used to impart different textures on wood flooring, enhancing the aesthetics and the slip-resistance of floors.

Balancing Flooring Decor Looks

Flooring designers recommend carefully blending two or three texture variants to prevent spaces from feeling overwhelming. Rough textures are preferred for adding warmth and a natural or traditional look. In contrast, smooth and reflective textures are sought after for modern designs. The key is to strike a balance that complements the overall décor and consult professionals to achieve the desired outcome without compromising style or practicality.

Flooring Color Style Shifts

The color palette of flooring is shifting to natural, deep tones that evoke a sense of connection with the earth. Luxurious stones like marble, onyx, and granite are predicted to be in high demand for those looking for an opulent touch, often complemented by the warmth of metallic accents. The trend is clear: in 2024, flooring is not just a foundation for the room but a statement of style, ethics, and innovation, with each choice reflecting a blend of aesthetic appeal and a commitment to the planet.