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If your new year’s resolutions include sprucing up your home, you must also look down at your floors. Home improvements are a priority, and our design choices make a difference in our daily lives. Most homeowners have reimagined their homes to fit a new way of living, making them an oasis on a busy day and a source of tranquility for all family members. As you move forward with new construction or renovations, look at some of the flooring trends industry experts are highlighting this year.

Fashion Trends Inform Flooring Trends

It may not be intuitive that world runways set the trend for home design, but they do! Clothes designers increasingly combine vintage vibes with new materials to create a modern look where old and new exist harmoniously. But what does fashion have to do with your floors? 

Very simple. You may opt for a traditional material such as hardwood and incorporate texture through an unexpected pattern, such as an animal print. 

Sustainable materials are ready to help you achieve the marriage and create a cohesive look throughout your home.

Embrace the Curve

Sleek, straight edges have been the norm up until now. In 2023 curves are back in style. Furniture has round edges and arches to replace square entryways. On floors, you can look at the design of your carpet and even the knots in your hardwood floor and celebrate their curves. This subtle change can make a room flow more easily, making it more inviting.

Let Your Energy Shine Through

After the pandemic, people have a renewed zest for life, and that energy comes across as bright colors in textiles, walls, and design elements. Colors reminiscent of nature, including greens and browns, have a place in the modern household. Flooring options in unexpected shades can bring vibrant, positive energy, making it a visually appealing option.

Patterns and Textures Under Your Feet

Homeowners may want to stick to traditional colors like white, beige, and other neutrals when designing their homes. However, you can play with a wide range of textures and patterns within those shades. Herringbone continues to be popular, just like chevron and checkerboard. Combining patterns and textures throughout the home can also reflect your personality and make the space unique.

Old Doesn’t Mean Obsolete

Vintage elements can add interest to any floor, especially with a modern twist. Repurposing vintage furniture has long been a design focus; you can do it on floors too. Repurposed floors can help you embrace a rustic modern or farmhouse chic look without breaking the bank. Even luxury vinyl planks and some natural materials can be the element that brings your whole home together into a harmonious design.

If you stay true to your personality, you can go right. Whatever you decide to lay as your floor can be as traditional or as whimsical as you are. Have fun exploring the many options manufacturers and designers bring to their customers daily.